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About Forward Creative

In January of 2020, when everything still felt normal, Forward Creative was born.

Our inception was the embodiment of years of successful business engagements and a deep-seated passion for innovation. With a vision to lead and a mission to make a difference, we embarked on a journey to redefine the digital landscape through branding, website development, and marketing services.

Suddenly, as the world grappled with the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw an opportunity to support our community in a meaningful way. Recognizing the struggles faced by businesses to stay afloat, we offered free e-stores, empowering them to continue operations online. This initiative not only helped countless businesses during a critical time but also earned us features across prestigious platforms like Atlantic Business Magazine and All Nova Scotia. Our efforts were about making a real difference when it mattered most – something we continue to live by in our ethos as a company offering services to Atlantic Canadian organizations.

Forward Creative continues to operate with the warmth and unity of a family business, now enriched by the inclusion of more team members.

Together, as an incredible team of passionate individuals, we’ve built a company that feels like a community. Each member brings their unique strengths and visions, contributing to your success.

Our work has impacted and grown Atlantic Canada’s leading organizations and small businesses alike, driving them towards digital adoption, design, and growth. We pride ourselves not just on the results we achieve but on the journey we take with our clients. At Forward Creative, it’s about more than just business; it’s about building lasting relationships, understanding our clients’ needs, and delivering solutions that truly make a difference.

Looking forward, we remain committed to innovation, growth, and the core family values that have guided us from the beginning. We’re not just a company; we’re a movement towards a more connected, digital future, driven by the power of family, community, and creativity.

Mary Ellen, Owner, Creative Director, Marketing
Elio, Creative Optimizer, Marketing
Emily, Creative Developer, Websites
Elsy, Creative Strategist, Branding
Gillian, Creative Writer, Marketing
Michael, Creative Advisor, Marketing

Together, let's create a future that's forward-thinking and full of possibilities for Atlantic Canada.

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