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Is Your Brand


Powerful branding does the talking for you.

Branding makes an impression

Brand Development

A brand is much more than a logo.
It is how you make the consumer feel
and engage when you interact.
Developing a comprehensive brand that speaks to your target audience is key to business success.

Brand Guidelines

Consistency is everything in the world of branding. Having a clearly outlined brand guide with graphic details and variations readily available ensures your image is always seen in the best possible light.

Brand Storytelling

People enjoy and remember interesting
and compelling stories. A credible
and well crafted brand story that
resonates with your target audience
will leave a lasting impression and
an engaged consumer.

Core Brand Development

A business or organization is better positioned to flourish and grow with a core brand foundation. We work closely with our clients to develop compelling brands that have vision, authenticity, and voice. We create brands that are designed to engage and resonate with diverse and unique target audiences. 

Graphic Design



We create unique, bold and engaging designs that optimize user experience.  With the effective use of color, typography, photography and other visual elements we communicate ideas that inspire and inform. Our designs clearly represent your brand and promote your company or organization both in print and digital media.



I have been very pleased with their ability to...consider options of everything from branding and merchandise to hosting and building [The Balsam Fir Forum]...
Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia
Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia