7 Tips for Tradeshows

Trade shows are organized so that industry specific businesses can exhibit and demonstrate their products and services, meet with customers and industry partners, study the competition, and create business opportunities. Below are our top 7 tips for attending trade shows. 

1) Planning In Advance

Before developing your booth and materials familiarize yourself with the vibe and presentation of the event itself. 
First time attending? Find photos and videos of last year’s event to see how people were presenting. 
What do you see that is dynamic and eye catching? Keep these ideas in mind when planning your own booth. Then gather and review the following:

  • Event schedule
  • Map of event location and size of your display space
  • Vendor and attendee list
  • Rules and regulations
  • Your budget and objective

Before developing your booth and materials familiarize yourself with the vibe and presentation of the event itself. 

2) Branding Your Trade Show Booth

When you have booked your booth and know its dimensions and position you are ready to plan your display. You will want to have your company branding stand out by using the best quality within your budget.The backdrop should be as large and tall as possible to grab attention from a distance. Use bold colors and big images for the best effect. Have a couple of chairs where your guests can stop and rest for a few minutes. Offer a branded refreshment or snack. This is the time to engage in conversation or an activity, hand out printed materials, and show off your branded swag.

3) The Powerful Tool of Engagement

You and your team are the face of the business. 

  • Plan to present yourselves well by being rested and keen. 
  • Talk to everyone you possibly can – this is a time to engage not to necessarily sell
  • Try to create a memorable impression with each small interaction.

4) Social Media

Use Social Media to increase your engagement and visibility at the show. Post about the event before you go and while you are there. Post your booth number and photos. Share a video walk through of the event that shows the way to your booth. 

5) Printed Materials

Make sure you have lots of business cards, brochures, catalogs, and prices lists. You don’t want to run out of anything. Have a show special and print a flyer. The special should last at least a couple of weeks since it takes time for people to get through all of their show materials after the event ends. 

6) Branded Swag

Give each attendee something memorable, lasting and useful. There are new things every year in the world of swag. These are a few of the most popular branded items in 2020:

  • Phone accessories
  • Computer accessories 
  • Journals
  • Portable drinkware 
  • Stickers

7) Hang with the Competition

Take time to meet your competitors, and fellow exhibitors. Networking with people in your industry is a great way to learn how to grow. Find out what they are up to. How are they presenting? Is their booth busy? Why? This is a chance to get better and an important trade show benefit to you and your business.

When the show is over you will have met many potential customers, promoted your brand and scoped out your competition all in a matter of days. This is often time and money well spent.

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